January 28, 2017

Photos Open A Door To The Past

The Stream Of Time

I am not sure if I am the only one.  I don't think I am.

I can remember the day I took this photo.  It was at least 25 years ago.  I took the photo with a Polaroid camera. The photo opens a door to the past and memories flow in just like it just happened.

It was an opener and I hooked this huge male brown over a steep bank.

I remember laying on my stomach and trying to reach out with my inadequate net to net the flailing monster.  I had my slippery rain coat on over my winter coat because it had just finished snowing.  I was leaning so far forward i literally slide down the bank on the fresh snow and was launched into the water.  After i caught my breath in the chest deep water and retrieved my net and rod...i netted the hook jawed monster after several unsuccessful attempts.  The net was not deep enough and the hoop was too small. It literally straighten itself out in the net twice and got out of the net.  I was soaked and shivering but i needed a photo.

I had my camera in a zip lock bag so it was not ruined.  I snapped a photo and sent him on his way.

Later that day I ordered my first LDH Net and have had several through the years.


You will never hear a real trout hunter say: "I wish I had a small net."

I gave away the LL Bean net the next day.

I now look for a good netting area every time I cast in fishy looking water. No more head first sleigh rides into frigid waters.

January 26, 2017

Richland Observer Spotlight Section

I submitted some photos of Barb's and mine to the local newspaper and they were featured.

January 24, 2017

How do you tell the gender of a rainbow or brown trout

Obvious mature male brown by the kype and the curvature of the anal fin.

Only mature rainbows and browns can be sexed by the fin method.

Obvious mature female rainbow by the lack of a kype and shorter distance between corner of the eye and end of upper jaw and the opposite curvature of the anal fin.

Looking at the jaw makes this one a toss up but when you look at the anal fin she is a female.