January 14, 2017

A Photographic Journey

I am just getting started.  I hope you aren't tired yet.

A Photographic Journey

How was the trip?

January 13, 2017

January 08, 2017

Coldest Opener Ever

Andrzei Jedynak  and Krzysyof Drozd and I opened Wisconsin's small stream trout on the coldest ever temperature in my almost 40 years of log books.

The day prior I drove for 4 hours in search of open water.  I found some in Crawford County.
It was 9 degrees as we hit the water at 11am with about a 10 mph wind screaming down the valley.  I thought my face was going to fall off.
The crusty snow was a serious pain on my knees.
When the sun came up over the hill tops the temperatures actually went down to a balmy 5 degrees. With the wind chill I am certain it was below zero.
I actually pulled the spinner away from a couple trout before they could hit it to avoid taking them out of the water and touching the wet things in this ice outing.
We all caught trout on this insanely cold opener.
 I showed the men the "mother" of the driftless.

We celebrated the opener with a few hardy trout and they pointed their vehicles southward.  I went back to my hibernation in my recliner.