January 07, 2017

Wisconsin Small Stream Opener

It is 8:43 am.  I am about to pry myself out of my recliner and get dressed.

Outside temp is 8 degrees.

The transformation from me to Ralphie from "A Christmas Story" is about to be begin.  I hope I can put my arms to my side.

Will be doing short close to the road stretches with friends.

January 05, 2017

Scout Midday Tomorrow

If your target stream is not free of shell ice tomorrow noon

It will still be iced up Saturday!!!!!

January 03, 2017

My Photo 2017 Channel 3000 Weather Calendar January

Used on weekly forecast for entire month of January as background.

The edge of Richland Center behind the outdoor movie.


January 02, 2017

Barb's First Adventure Of 2017

Barb took a three hour hike yesterday.

My Beautiful Wife

It is very important to pick a partner you can enjoy life with.