October 31, 2017

2017 Season Looking Back

I began the new early season going out in the coldest conditions I have ever fished in.

The January and February season are a waste of time.

It warmed up and then got rainy.

My 2 favorite streams were dirty almost half of the season.

Crawford county streams were full of anglers even in the middle of the week.  Will only fish there as last place in 2018 due to guides overrunning the streams there.

Next vehicle will have non-personalized plates and in 2018 will be dropped off on stream to hide entry points.

I did do well in some non-designated water in late April.

My favorite stream cleared up a couple times and I got lucky.

Only got out 28 times for trout in 2017.

My sizes were above average.

Found two extra large browns I will target in 2018.

I did NOT target brook trout in 2017.

I kept zero trout for personal consumption.

Lost as many bigs as I landed.  Blame on tentative netting and slow careful approach to fish to prevent knee and back problems.

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  1. It was a difficult year for me as well; cold, wet, muddy, high water, bumper crop of weeds over your head, heat and then more of the same. Hopefully next year will be better and I'll probably fish more in Grant County.