August 07, 2017


Went on a familiar stream today for an hour.  Wanted to fish an easy stretch alone.  Only little ones but was still fun.

Found this old root cellar in my wandering. It had a spring near it.

I found it near a trout stream I was about to fish on Crawford/Richland County line.  The root cellar would be an excellent place to keep salted venison and fish to get through a rough Wisconsin winter.

 This is one of the more elaborate root cellars I have ever seen.  Typically the cellar was dug into a hillside and the floor was left unfinished.  This one has a rock laid floor.  This structure could have very well been used as a living place until the homestead was built.  Then it was used as root cellar. There are no other buildings near it.

Back in the day before banks a family would keep their valuables in the root cellar buried or under a false floor rock under a huge gunny sack of potatoes

This root cellar was obviously built quite some time ago.  Just look at the large tree on the right.  It has grown there after the cellar was built and abandon. Would have to look at the rings in the tree to tell how old this tree.

My friend who does lots of metal detecting wanted to know exactly where it was.  He says the flat stone in the structure are a minimum 100 years old. This structure was built before 99.5% of folks looking at this photo were even a twinkle in their parents eyes.

 just upstream a few years back I considered crawling through an old culvert to get around crawling over a tall barb wire fence. Changed my mind when the floor of the culvert came alive with snakes when I glanced in there. Had to be 20 snakes in there...had flashback to culvert when i considered going in this structure.

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