August 02, 2017

Dirty High Water On Kick

Went to visit my mother today so I fished below the dam there.  It is still high and dirty with rain in the forecast tonight.  I had my huge walleye hit in these conditions so I went for it.

I tried several lures with lots of flash and sound chambers due to it being so dirty. Was about to leave and put on this Husky Jerk size 9 deep diver.
Fourth cast I picked up this decent pike.  Unhooked it and took one photo and off it went.

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  1. The water is still high on the kickapoo at lafarge.otter is running clear the storm damage to head water creeks has been feeder to the kick is a series of gravel riffs with large trees that had been structure placed up on top of the high steep banks. Evidence of flooding high in standing trees. Bottom lands with grass and weeds flattened. Basesments are still being pumped out in onterio and woodstock. Good news is there still was a trout or two in one of the most ravaged watersheds of the kick.