July 13, 2017

Time And Space

It was late June 1983.  I was on vacation for a month.  My vacation was in Italy.  We were in southern Italy.  I decided a pit stop at the base in Brindisi was in order.  I went on base to stock up on necessities at the Post Exchange.  I left with a variety of food and six cases of Budweiser.

I had never been so far south in Italy before.  I heard there was a ferry I could take to Greece and I decided I had to see it.  It might be my only chance in life.

We took the ferry and drove inland a little ways.  I was starving so we stopped at a small cafe in a rural village.

I decided while in Greece I should eat what the Greek people would typically eat.

I remember the plate coming to my outdoor table.  I didn't know what I ordered.  I read the menu and it was all Greek to me.  I asked the waitress to bring me what was typical for the area.

Have you eaten a dish that sparks a memory from 30 plus years ago?

 Tzatzik with diced cucumber, Garlic Bread, Roma Tomatoes and Fresh Mozzarella Cheese in  vinegar/olive oil with chopped garlic.

 I was 27 years old and eating alfresco in a small village on the coast of southern Greece.

The only thing missing from my lunch today are some pepperoncinnis with an Ouzo chaser and you would have my plate from 1983.  I time traveled to Greece today.  The meal was definitely memorable.

We drove back to the ferry and headed back to Italy.

Time travel is possible.


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