July 25, 2017

Jeremy and Joshua Hoff's Excellent Adventure

Thank you for the stream recommendation, Len! I love the layout of this stream. Fished it from 3pm until 6:30pm.  My brother threw panther 9s and I threw 6s. We scored a brookie/brown/bow trifecta.


Nice pools and undercut banks. Put roughly 60 to hand, including a 19" brown, two 17 1/2" browns, and a 22" brooder bow. Also one decent brookie.  Another twenty or so fish were in that 14"-16" range. 

I had a 20 incher get up out of water twice and get off at the net.  How common are a 20" inch fish in this waterway? 
I was thinking of heading towards the mouth of this branch the next time.  If you are up for some fishing next week or the week after, please let me know! Take care, and as always, thank you for all your help with stream reports!

PS:  I need to buy a bigger net. 

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