July 11, 2017

Believe Half Of What You See And Nothing Of What You Hear

Yesterday I was up early and in the recliner looking at facebook.  An angler friend chatted with me.  He told me he had caught and released a 35 inch 12 pound walleye last Tuesday.

I asked him what he had caught it on.  Was a small blade bait.  He told me the general area he had caught it.

Me being an angler and a verified story teller I was skeptical about this c/r 35 inch walleye.  The guy told me the friend that netted the fish had taken photos of it on his cellphone.  When he got the photos he would share them with me.

I dismissed the catch as a whopper tall tale.  I went about my surfing the web.

Last night about 5:30pm I was talking to my wife about the walleye tale.  I explained the situation and that I doubted this story.  She wanted more details.  She didn't recognize the name.  I told her that it was Joe Dirt's Uncle. When I said Joe Dirt aloud it sunk in.  This guy is related to dirt.  Dirt slays big eyes all the time.  The story from that morning suddenly had credibility.

I got excited and tried to talk my wife into going with me to chase this mythical walleye.  She declined.  My stuff was in my vehicle so I pointed it westward.

I got to the river and the spot the eye was released at had 4 anglers there and the water was high and pretty dirty.  I sat there and talked with the anglers for about half an hour.  Three of the four left so that was my cue to get my stuff and fish.

I needed to put on a new leader and lure.  Because the water was dirty and high I decided I needed a flashy big lure with rattles.  I looked in the bottom of my tackle box.  There was a new in the container silver rattle trap in the second biggest size.  It fit the bill for the water conditions.

I walked below the angler and cast a couple times.  There is a cement wall there with two benches there.  I gave a big space between us.  The fourth cast I had a hook up.

The fish immediately did a couple head shakes.  Pike typically just take off when hooked and don't shake their heads.  The fish went deep and did a power run making my drag bark a couple times.

The guy fishing there grabbed my huge Frabil net and had it in the water.  I turned to him and told him the fish was not ready to be netted.  It finally turned towards shore and I had some control over it.  I was talking to the guy with the net and told him I thought it was a medium sized pike.

I didn't get that comment totally out of my mouth when the fish turned away from shore abruptly and and came towards the surface.  The guy with the net yelled.  Its not a pike it is a giant walleye.  He barely got the statement out of his mouth and the walleye was off.

The walleye was the biggest walleye I have ever seen in real life and on television.  I cast for another hour with no takers. I went back this morning at first light and cast for a couple hours.  No takers.

New lure from yesterday with battle scars.

Going back on Thursday chasing it again.

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