May 14, 2017

Wisconsin Bull Snakes

Every year about now I find them in neighborhood yards or crossing the road.  They are endangered and look so similar to rattlesnakes many folks kill them when they see them.

This Gopher Snake is in the bull snake family.

This bull snake chased me around the vehicle before it exited the road and posed for a parting photo.

Great Northern Water Snake

This Midland Rat Snake stopped on the center line for a momentary photo.

This angry bull snake disliked the neighbor's dog circling it and made a rattle sound with its mouth.

Sorry for the not so good photos.  I couldn't get up the nerve to get any closer in case I had misidentified this angry creature.


  1. Thank you for the photos. It will help me identify them.

  2. The one on the center line is a grey ratsnake.