May 12, 2017

Taking Photos Of Browns Alone

There are so many things to think about when you have just landed that nice photo worthy brown.

First off is unhooking the trout.  Then you gently place it back in your net and make sure it is submerged and not labored.

You never seem to have enough hands.  Depending on the season you can stick the handle of your net into the mud bank and keep the net bag in the water.

Your camera is typically secured in your vest in a case.

There is the lay the trout on the net photo which typically fails and is detrimental to the trout's slime coat and they won't hold still.

If you have practiced with a timer there is the glory shot.  Which typically doesn't work either.

It comes down to the extended arm shot which you should take quickly and put the fish immediately in the water to revive before releasing.

No death grip on that trophy. Hang on to fish farther back on body to avoid injuring organs near the head.

Then there is the problem of the extended arm shot.  If the trout is too large you won't get all of it in the photo.

Such a problem I will take every outing.

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