May 22, 2017

Stages Of A Trout Angler

Many lists out there.  They vary all over the place.  One thing is in all of them. 

It is a progressive list. 

The first is always the beginning angler learning how to trout fish.

Then the steps get a little murky.

There is a number step and a large trout step.

Many can achieve the numbers step.

Not many have a mastery of the large trout step.

When and if you ever get good at catching big trout,,,,,,

The steps come to a screeching halt!

You are bitten by the big tug at the end of the line.

You are a little bit of an adrenaline junky.

Little trout and numbers of trout become immaterial.

Many scoff at the anglers caught in the "Large" trout step.

These scoffers talk about evolving past big trout.

If they had been good at catching big trout they would not scoff.

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