April 24, 2017

Tiger Nezworski.

I took a look at my log books for the last four decades. I have landed 15 tigers in those years.  I have seen another dozen caught while anglers were with me.

I compare the extra large browns I have caught in that time and those of friends fishing with me.

It is easier to catch a huge brown than catch a tiger.

Two Treks to the driftless and two tigers.  Andy it is time for you to go to Vegas.

 Many people go their whole life without catching a tiger.

I think the odds have to be astronomically against Andy to pull off this tiger success. 


1 comment:

  1. Len another stream with tigers to put on your list would be the east and main fork of the flag river in bayfield co.south of port wing.we have caught a few farily nice ones there. ABE