April 14, 2017

One Fruitful Hour On The Water

Wife went to movies with her friend from high school.  It is Jo Ellen's birthday soon so Barb and her went to the Dells to see two movies.  Thanks Jo for going with her.  Both the movies you two are seeing are lame.  If you didn't go I would have had to.

Back to fishing.

Rain was in the forecast for 5pm.  It is overcast and the big waterway in the area looked good.  I swear all it takes is a squirrel taking a leak near it and it is stained for days.  I decided the conditions were optimal and I needed to quit procrastinating about my back pain and get out there.

The third cast I caught the above fish.  It was a short stretch and easy walking because weeds are not up much.  I hid my vehicle behind the farmer's barn because I have quite a following these days that like to fish where they see my vehicle.

I landed a total of 11 browns in one hour.  Is pretty good for an hour.

I was near the end of the stretch and I remembered catching a decent one tight to the bank in the run just in front of me.

I fired in there and just as I lifted out of the water the trout slashed at it.  It was a slack jaw moment.  I quickly checked the lure and line to make sure there were no problems and cast back in there.  As I retrieved I questioned whether I had strong enough line to land this behemoth.  I scanned the area for a landing zone.  I visualized a good landing spot. Ten casts later it did not return.  I sat down for 20 minutes and let the hole calm down.  I thought it might come back.  It did not.

On the way home I decided it was probably good I didn't hook up without a person to net it for me.

Lots of times I drag someone with after I have found a big fish and feel obligated to let them have first shot at the fish....It won't happen this time.  May opener I am back there with a net person.


The trout I missed made the one in this thread look little!!!

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