April 02, 2017

Dan Braun Wants A Rematch

Dan drove down to be my net man after the big trout I discovered a couple days ago.  He was pleasantly surprised when I told him I would let him fish for it first.  He tied on a new 3X leader and tied on a size 8 green turd.

First cast he caught this little one.

He checked the leader and fired right back into the lair of the gator.  He felt resistance on his line and set the hook.  His line came back empty and it appeared as if his fly was clearly bitten off.

We talked about it for a short time while he was retying. He felt fish for a brief moment and then the line went limp.  We both decided the big trout had alligatored the fly.

Dan fired back in there and caught another trout.

Dan cast in there again this time it cut a big swirl as it attack the fly and the line came back empty.

He had been alligatored twice in less than 5 casts.  The trout did not come back.

 We went to another stretch and fished for a couple hours.

17 to hand for Dan and 12 for me.

The legend of the giant brown grows.

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