February 11, 2017

Wisconsin Ideal Conditions For Early Trout

Wisconsin has such extreme weather in early season it is important to do a little weather research prior to going out.

Snow does not turn off trout.  On the other hand rain during winter conditions do.

 Thanks for photo Luke

Rain melts the snow and runoff causes the stream temperatures to plummet and you almost have to beat the trout on the head to get them to hit.

If I am going after trout I look at the day's weather prior.  First thing I look at is how warm the day before was.  I look how long the warmer weather was the day before.  A 10 degree above freezing day prior to your outing is good.  A 20 degree above freezing the day before is a stay home day.  The runoff will be bad.

Next I look at what the overnight temps were.  I target an overnight that the temps went down below freezing but not extremely.  This slows the melt.  The warmth the streams increased from the day prior is still in the waterway somewhat.

I don't hit the stream day of early.  I try to start around noon.  If I am really picky...I look for an overcast day.  Sunny is not a deal breaker on a winter's day.  Target the non-sunny side of the stream with your cast.

Back when I bow hunted I watched a really informative event.  I set up on a stream crossing with my tree stand.  As the sun changed and sun shined on the opposite side of the stream it happened.  It almost looked like the trout had the sun changing sides choreographed.  The trout in a unison motion went from one side of the stream to the other to get out of the sun.

Thanks for photo Dan

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