February 05, 2017

The Nose Knows

Every person that loves the outdoors has experienced them.

The smells of the seasons.

The smell of that pile of leaves you played in as a child hearkens to the simple days.

That same smell as a hunter reminds you of your first adventure as a bow hunter.

 The smell of the earth melting in the spring is special.  It is indescribable. I believe it is special because the winter was so long and you want the greens to reappear.

I am not sure which smells better.  The smell of freshly plowed fields or the plum trees blooming?

Lilacs in June

The smell of a cleansing Spring rain.

A stroll through an apple orchard on a foggy morning in early may.

The smells of a wetland are just too many to describe.

I will leave you without a photo of this.  I want you to close your eyes and imagine the smell.

The first campfire of the year.

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