February 12, 2017

"Did You See That?"

Every trout angler has had that moment. The excited look at your fishing partner and you exclaim: "Did you see that?"

As you turn to your fishing buddy to ask the question it is obvious he has seen it too because his eyes are as big as saucers and his mouth is agape.

I told Chris to fire in there because the monster might hit a different spinner.  He did and no takers.

You stand there afterwards to corroborate what you just had happen to you with your friend.  He saw the exact same thing.

About a foot behind your spinner but deeper down in the water column came storming a huge brown.  You couldn't see it colors but the giant dark image it made in the deeper water was undeniable. The jaws tune was play in your head. It did a 90 degree turn and was never seen again.

A photo was taken of the hole to help burn in the memory.

1 comment:

  1. Spot is marked. Come back as night is falling, and put a big [6 - 9 inch] black bunny streamer up near that tree and strip it fast. Better have at least a 7 wt. and a 0 X tippet! Tight lines!