February 12, 2017

A Trouting We Went

I met Chris Young at the local Kwik Trip.  My wife was the chauffeur this outing.  Chris parked upstream and my wife dropped us off downstream.  She questioned why I had her drive us.  I explained to her that it was a special spot and as of late there has been some hijackers of my fishing places. My license plate of my vehicle had been attracting other anglers like flies to honey in the last couple years.

Chris and I quickly exited the vehicle and started out on our adventure.  Outdoor temp was 41 and it was overcast.

Not ten yards from the vehicle Chris started the day well.  He caught this brown on his first cast.

We took turns on holes and methodically fished upstream to his truck.

The trout were aggressive and Chris had the touch this afternoon.  Chris was astonished with the color variations of the browns.

We caught about 30 between the 2 of us.

A cold front moved in with about an hour left in our outing.  We could actually feel the temperature drop.

No extra large trout caught today but a return trip is warranted.

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