January 19, 2017

Lost Two Big Browns Today

The first male was almost to net and went nuts at shore.  I was fishing alone and the slippery icy edge make me a little tentative. Guess him at 23 inches.

Landed 18 browns. Had may pecks as I call them.  Just bumping it and failing to commit.

Landed my first over 20 incher of the year.

I was casting in tight cover about 20 minutes later and hooked up on an absolute horse.  It stormed downstream at me.  The tree limbs above my head didn't allow me to get upward pressure for a deeper hook penetration.  I saw the giant female blast past me going down stream and shortly there after she was off.  She dwarfed the male from above. This beast was a wily one and she won today.  A rematch is in order.

The majority of browns I caught today were under 12 inches.

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  1. Beautiful day to fish! Of course they all are, some are just nicer.