September 14, 2016

Wisconsin Life Television

My stream photos will be featured at the end of the October 20th 7pm episode.


Here I sit.
I woke up before my alarm.
Want to go fishing this morning.
My knees feel the best they have in a while.
They won't feel that way after fishing.

Season ends in about a month.

I think I am going to stay home instead of fish.

September 11, 2016

Morning Glories

I believe it is close to their last hurrah

Wow Whitetails

The buck on the left was hit with a bow in November and found in January.  It scored 165". The other buck was found dead, in March, in food plot. I have no idea on the cause of his death.  He scored 208"

Gold Mine Without A Shovel

I was a guide from 2003 to 2008. The people I met were great and taking photos was the bomb but....

Going to a trout stream and watching people fish was like going to a gold mine without a shovel.

 In the closed season one year I had a client approach me and ask me how the guiding business was going.   I had taken he and his sons out 9 times in that year and he was very satisfied with all of the trips. He wanted to know how many clients I had in the year prior.  I thought it odd but I told him honestly. I had 30 outings that year. I asked him why he asked.  He had a proposition for me.  He wanted me to be "his" exclusive guide for the next season.

 It was my second year of guiding and I thought 30 clients for the second year guiding was a decent amount of trips. My first year I had done 18 outings and I had almost doubled the number in the second.  I was thinking I should do at least 40 in year three as a logical progression. 

The client agreed on the 40 mark and told me he would pay me to be his exclusive guide for the year and not take anyone else. I could fish by myself when not guiding him or his friends but he didn't want me going with anyone else.  It was impossible to say no to.  He paid me prior to the 3rd season beginning. 

At the end of the 3rd year I had only taken out the client and friends 9 times.  I kept true to my promise to guide him exclusively in year three.  He did not extend the offer to year 4. He did use my guide service 10 times each my last 2 years of guiding.

I had told many other prospective clients in year three no when they attempted to hire me.  I explained the exclusivity agreement I had made.  I contacted them in year 4 and said I was open for business again. 

 I donated four trips to Cancer Research and a Grief Center that year.  It gave me a good feeling inside to give back.

 Year four netted 63 outing and year five I hit 81.  In the off season of year five I looked at all the photos of clients with fish and noticed there very few photos of me with fish.  It was the trade off I thought I could tolerate when I took up guiding.  

One evening I was sitting and telling my wife about it. I was dreading the sixth season of guiding.  She told me that she had noticed my fun factor as it relates to fishing had seriously diminished.  Making your passion your profession sounded good in theory but I couldn't stand it any longer.  My daze of guiding were over.

My smile re-emerge when on stream.  I have never regretted my decision. Many of my old clients are fishing buddies now.  I am at peace and love life again.