September 03, 2016

Hard Sledding

The weeds were high and woven together.

The sun burned off the fog really fast.

Three hours later only little dinks to hand.

I always look for other things to photograph when the fishing is poor.

September 02, 2016

Seabow and Lenny

Back in 1958 my family moved to Gays Mills from Milwaukee.  My mother and father had two places to chose from.  My Dad's hometown or my Mother's.

Both places offered good fishing and hunting.  The decision was basically made for them when my Uncle Sig and my father Lenny went pheasant hunting in Bell Center.  My Dad was offered a job as a welder and steam fitter at Geno power plant by a guy they bumped into that was the supervisor there while they were hunting.

My Dad and my Uncle Sig "Seabow" could be seen fishing and hunting together for about a decade after. Both are no longer with us.

Both of them are hopefully fishing and hunting in the big woods in the sky.

I have heard many Lenny and Seabow stories through the years from my cousin Sig Jr. while we hunted.  It seemed fitting that the "juniors" made some fishing memories today.

Size Five Mepps Black Fury

Inhaled spinner. Bleeding from gills before netted it.

 My cousins and their daughter Lara with her three children watched me land the pike.  They must be good luck charms.

 My cousin Sig watched me hook-up.  Reminiscent of Seabow and Lenny fishing. 

Trout Looking Good

The next four days look like good trouting weather.

 Some days look a little sunny but mornings and evenings will be good.

You could chase brookies in the middle of the day.

 Bring your mosquito spray and sun screen.

September 01, 2016

The Rooted Spoon

The first Thursday of the month The Rooted Spoon has a specialty night.  This evening at 7pm it is GREEK.




    FETA-STUFFED PEPPERS - local peppers stuffed w/ feta, egg, & fresh herbs  
   HERB-MARINATED OLIVES & VEGETABLES - grilled local seasonal vegetables marinated w/ Greek Olives, fresh herbs, & lemon   
   MELINTZANOSALATA & GRILLED BREAD - smoky parsley eggplant dip & olive oil/garlic grilled bread
   GREEK SALAD - local cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, romaine, parsley, & onions w/ Nordic feta, Hoch red wine vinegar, & olive oil
CHICKEN SOUVLAKI - organic chicken marinated w/ lemon, oregano, & garlic; served w/ tzatziki yogurt sauce                                                                                                 OR  
  CHEVRE PHYLLO PIE - local eggs, chevre, & herbs baked in phyllo dough (vegetarian alternative by advanced request)

LEMON ROSEMARY CREME ANGLAISE W/ ALMOND COOKIES  - almond meringue cookies w/ lemon & local rosemary-infused custard; served w/ Kickapoo Coffee or tea

August 31, 2016

Generic American Browns

The first introductions into the U.S. started in 1883.  Brown trout eggs from a Baron Lucius von Behr, president of the German Fishing Society were the first. The von Behr brown trout came from both mountain streams and large lakes in the Black Forest region of Germany Additional shipments of "von Behr" brown trout eggs arrived in 1884. In 1885,

Brown trout eggs from Loch Leven Scotland arrived shortly thereafter. These "Loch Leven" brown trout were distributed to the same hatcheries as the von Behr strain browns. Over the next few years, additional eggs from Scotland, England, and Germany were shipped to U.S. hatcheries.

Loch Leven browns are typically larger than von Behr strain browns.  The Loch Leven browns typically had only dark colored spots originally.  The von Behr trout or German brown strain has dark spots and red spots.

The two strains have intermingled through the decades so to say a trout was a Loch Leven or German Brow is impossible.  You could say that a trout has traits like their ancestors.  Fisheries folks these days call our brown trout generic American browns.

These two browns have traits of their ancestors.  The left male trout has classic Loch Leven traits and the trout on the right has classic German Brown traits.

Crawford County Trip Report

Dave Martell and I went out this morning.

Dave landed 10 browns and I landed 19.

One was really nice male.

August 29, 2016

Trip Report Crawford County

Visited my mother this morning. I wanted to fish at the dam in Gays Mills but the water was too high and dirty.

  I complained to my mother and she put me on task to catch 2 pan fry sized browns. No pan sized browns caught.

I fished in shorts and a T-shirt.  Not my typical fishing gear. Landed five micros.  I wasn't fishing really hard this morning. I picked an open pasture with easy walking.

I fished just upstream of here.

In the last 80 yards of the stretch I had some amazing action.  I broke one of my cardinal rules.  I usually pick a potential spot to land a big fish before I cast.

 I was about 4 feet up a bank that had an incline when it hit.  The first thing it did was tail walk and I got a good look at a 22-23 inch male brown.  I got it under control then slowly worked my way down the bank and got my net in hand.  I must have relaxed pressure on it for an instant.  It felt it and another head shake and it was gone.  If I would have had someone with I would have a photo or 2 to share.

Fished out the stretch.  I had two other browns larger than the one I hooked up on follow and turn.

Waiting until wednesday or thursday and doing a rematch.  Won't be alone this time.

photo of day

August 28, 2016

New Glarus Hotel Brunch

Sunday morning brunch was outstanding.

Sweets table and buffet table were awesome.

Stopped into the Maple Leaf afterwards and sampled some cheese and fudge.  Left with some Butter Kase and 2 kinds of hard candy.

PS:  I also added another liter beer mug to my collection from Glaener Collectables.

Broomsticks and Wishing Wells