August 06, 2016

Kickapoo Walleye Like Big Stuff

Any walleye I have caught over the last 25 years have been caught on large lures.

Size 12

Kalin 6 inch power grub with Bayler lead head.

PS:  The monster I lost was on above Kalin.

August 05, 2016

Water Too Muddy To Fish Today

A trip to Cabelas is in order to restock my pike and walleye lures.

August 03, 2016

Dog Off Leash

This last weekend was a three dog encounter weekend.  All dogs were off leash and all dogs and owners were in the public domain.

The first dog encounter resulted in an actual bite to my sister in law Laurie.  She told us about her encounter and showed us the bite on the back of her leg.  She did not need anything other than some antibacterial ointment and a large band-aide for a couple of days.

The second happened to me.  It was a large German Sheppard and I was in a public park fishing.  This full sized aggressive beast could have caused some serious damage and maybe death if I had been a child.  I squared up on it and kept it in-front of me and did not turn and run.  The owner took its sweet time and after repeated loud commands it came to his heal.  It broke heal and came at me again.  The owner yelled at it again.  The guy I was fishing with waded into the stream to the top of his waders to avoid the snarling monster.  I was angry and thought on the way home about the two situations.

I told  my wife when I got home and she asked me where my bear spray was.and I told her I was only 40 yards from the vehicle.  I thought I didn't need it so close to the car and in a public park.

The third incident happened to my wife on the trail from Robb Park to the cemetery  The collie charged her and was barking its fool head off and acting aggressive.  The owner came to see the commotion.  My wife explained the situation to the owner.  The dog and owner left and shortly thereafter the dog was back and snarling at my wife.  Barb was armed with pepper and was pointing the canister at the dog and loudly saying: "Don't make me spray you!!"  The owner came and got the two time offender under control.  In parting the owner chastised my wife for possibly spraying his dear pet and told my wife if she couldn't defend herself properly maybe she shouldn't be back there hiking.

My wife and I discussed all three of these incidents.  I will quote my wife Barb:  "Those dogs are born innocent and not aggressive,  The owners are to blame for their bad behavior not the poor animals."

Bright And Early

My back kicked me out of bed early this morning.

I was on the water by 6:15AM

The morning started off with a hammer handle pike on a jointed minnow bait with rattles. Not worthy of a photo.

I changed lures and started working the fast water up by the dam.

I had a solid hit and hook up.  The fish did a non-typical head shake.  Pike I have caught do the power runs first and save the head shakes until on the surface later.  I thought trout or maybe a walleye.  The fish felt too powerful to be either.

It did a slow run and I caught a glimpse of its profile.  It was a thick fish and I guessed about a 35 inch pike.......then I saw the white patch on the tail and audibly said: "Holly Shit!" and I got nervous. It did one more head shake and it was gone.

I sat down and composed myself.  I knew with a hook up and middle length battle it would not come back any time soon.

I fished for another 2 hours. I emptied my tackle box to try to get it to come back to no avail. I landed a 18 inch smallie and a 30 inch pike and did not bother with photos because I was truly disappointed in both after having the biggest walleye of my entire life on and losing it.

August 02, 2016

The Dudgeon Boyz

My young cousins are about the right age to be introduced to the world of fishing.

This was a pike I caught about 3 weeks ago.  I took the pike to their grandparent's home for them to see it and grow accustom to fish and maybe light the fishing flame in the youngsters and possibly put the fishing rod I gave their grandpa to good use.

Did the same on tuesday with a walleye.  They weren't afraid of the fish this time and I believe the rod/reel sitting on gramp's shelf is closer to being used.

August 01, 2016

July 31, 2016

Birthday Girls

Harris Women

Anna turned 20 last week and Barb turns 50 tomorrow.