July 29, 2016

Fishin In The Rain With David Martell

was hard to find clean water...

first water a disappointment with Dave only catch a couple guppies.  I watched most and was skunked.

Moved on to another stream and our luck changed a little.

Another stream change and David landed a decent smallie and another brown.

My knees refused to go any longer.  I took David to the "Pool Of Immediate Gratification" and watched from a distance and watched him catch 10 browns in 13 casts.

It began to pour and we called it.

The half day David brought 19 to hand and I did lots of watching and caught 9.

biggest waterway in Richland County still has very high water temps.

While at park in Boaz a crazed German Shepherd off the leash was harassing us and acting like it was going tear my legs off.  Luckily the owner came and somewhat control the very aggressive full sized sheppard.

July 27, 2016

To Have Good Knees Again

I miss the deep and dark places the big browns call home.

Sharing An Email "Monster Trout With A Mouse"

Len - 
I recently read your article "night time is the right time for big trout" from 2012 (internet search).  I recently - within the last two years - started fishing SW WI in the usual areas - on the West Fork and surrounding streams.  I want to catch bigger browns and I think night time fishing is the key.  I was wondering if you could help me and answer some questions:

> Is the West Fork of the Kickapoo a decent area to try this (night time fishing).  Obviously not looking for your honey holes - just a good place to start - I am willing to look at other rivers / counties
> Do you generally stick with mousing or streamers or both or other
> What length leader / lb test do you usually use

I appreciate any advice you could give

My response:
 you need to recon an area before you mouse it.  night time can mean a trip to the emergency room if you don't know the terrain
The link is for the best hole I know for mousing.

actual google maps link to hole given in email.
as you are facing upstream it is important to stay on the far right side of the hole.  there is rock ledge submerged there...it going out about 8 feet from the bank in places...be careful to toe tap when going on the ledge.  There is a sheer drop off from 3 feet to 9 feet.  There is nice 90 degree corner there too.  This is monster town.  Mice work the best.  Approach hole carefully to not make a wake. Work ledge and other bank. Be patient.  Try not to slap water...backcast a little limited...don't need to cast a mile. 

whitlock mouse or a mini mouse with weed guard removed.

I want to see photos of trout caught here and full story for my blog.


all three standing on ledge facing upstream
this hole from story:

awaiting a return email in a couple weeks with results.

Thursday OR Friday Conditions

Most not all stream back to good shape.
temps will be in 70s.

will be cloudy both days.

weeds still knocked down because of last rain event.

you should go trout fishing.

July 26, 2016

Guest Post: Rob and David's Yellowstone Adventure

Thought you would enjoy this this adventure with my 28 yr. old youngest who hadn’t really fly fished much before. Maybe we get together this fall for some terrestrial fishing your way.
We caught the end of the stonefly hatch! Got up at 5:00 am to meet the guide at the trailhead by 6:30 am. Hiked 4 miles to the Black Canyon of the Yellowstone then fished from shore rocks to where very few people fish so the cutthroats were taking either a large stonefly (had to be there early as the hatch is only until 11:00 or so) on top or the small streamer below. In 3-1/2 hours we caught 31 fish between us, missed another 60-80 as these fish have rarely seen a fly. It was a blast.  

At one point David was hanging from a rock wall/ledge with one hand tossing his fly down with the other to the seam around the rocks. I even did some swinging in a deep hole with streamers and caught one after another. Most were 10-14” but David had a few larger and I got a bunch out of that hole 16”+ and one at 19”. Then we had a 5 mile hike up and out back to the trailhead. So it was an 8 hour trip with 4 hours of hiking and 4 hours fishing & lunch.

Now that David knew how to fish, we caught a bunch 14-16” in the evening on the Lamar after most people had left as we were staying near a really good spot/hole. Mostly on a caddis.

A Hidden Gem

Many times I look at photos on facebook or blogs and the true hidden photos scream out at me.

My friend Scott Roane caught this beautiful rainbow.

I have taken many photos through the years and know what to do with photos that have serious potential.

First off I cropped the photo. Water plays havoc with photos.

Then I hit auto contrast.

Then I added shadow.

Then saturation.

The hidden gem appeared.

July 25, 2016

I Am Often Asked Why I Am So Enamored With Trout Fishing

I write a decent tale but words are not as good as photos to answer this question.

Hope you aren't disappointed that there are no trout photos.