July 23, 2016


 In the last dozen years I have spoken at many schools
 I did it all free with no strings attached
 Thousands of children sat on the edge of their seats.
 I imparted my thoughts to them and molded them.
 Karma has been served. I influenced many children.
 I spoke all over the drifless,
 I even wandered down to Illinois a few times.
 My love of the outdoors was evident to the kids.
What have you done for future anglers?

Scored a few permissions on my wanderings.

photo archive

July 22, 2016

Half A Million Hits

My blog will pass the half a million hits threshold in the next couple months.

Here are some of my favorite blog post from through the years:

All That Remains

The Gift


A Warm And Windy Day In May

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 True legit driftless royalty.

July 17, 2016

Water Under The Bridge

Saturday was a peaceful sit on a bench and watch water go under the bridge day.

Casting For A Couple Hours

The dam in Gays Mills called my name yesterday.

First catch of the day.

Complete rod and reel.

Second catch.

Snag with 13 lures attached and not a one reusable.

Did catch a hammer handle not worth a photo and had a ferocious hit near shore.

Rained like crazy here last night so Kickapoo way dirty again.