June 23, 2016

The Jungle

weeds to the stream's edge.  weeds in the water. Gnats and mosquitoes dive bombing my face.

I nearly called it a day by 9am.

A little change of scenery and some nicely manicured pasture put the bounce back in my step.

28 browns to hand.

No large browns landed today.

Had 2 browns in 18 range wave at me. 

One sky walker on hook up and unbutton. Very nice brown 22-23 inch range for a tiny stream is amazing.  Really got my heart pumping. Logged in the return trip file.

June 19, 2016

A Cure For The Summer Time Blues

The weeds are up to your chin.

The water temps are close to 70 degrees.

The sun is beating down.

You have used every rationale for not catching fish.


Fish at first light.

Fish non-sunny side of stream.

Look for pastured areas.

Don't be afraid to wade in to the mess.

Find springs on your waterway.