April 30, 2016

Not Bad For A Gimp

Two Hours On Water.

Used my net twice.  Attempted use two other times and fish got off before I could net them.

Thirteen brown to hand.  Four under fifteen inches and the rest were over.

The two biggest pictured below.

Couldn't get all of her in the photo.

Trout all tight to structure or along banks tight.  Water temp was 46 and a slow on and off sprinkle.

April 29, 2016

A Love Affair Part Two

She never needs make-up and her perfume revivals any high priced fragrance from New York or Paris

Rain or shine she is always there for you

It may be cold outside but you will never feel cold when you are with her.

As long as you take care of her she will always be there for you.


A Love Affair

No matter the weather she is always happy to see me.

I can visit for ten minutes or for the entire day she doesn't mind.

She soothes my frazzled nerves and heavy heart after a long day or traumatic experience.

She was my first love and she will be my last.

April 28, 2016

Engage Your Imagination

Is your imagination turned on?  If you squint and look really hard you can see it in the foreground.

If you know not of what I speak then you are not missing it.

April 26, 2016

TR Fishing With Andrew Nezworski

Andy is from Waukesha and a new friend I met from the internet.  He is good fly angler and we had a ball this morning in Richland County.

We fished a half a day and matched his best full day outing ever for numbers.  He landed 30 browns.  He had one hole that he had a 40 casts 40 bites run.  It was amazing.  I also cast in there and got four hits.  I picked up a dozen browns today also.

I watched most of the morning.  Andy wanted to continue to fish so I dropped him off at a seldom fished place upstream and he will be on stream until 5pm.

Was a little cold today but the cloud cover was perfect for fishing.  The water clarity was about perfect.

Andy used a variety of nymphs and buggers on his 5 weight rod.

April 25, 2016

House On The Rock FREE Days

FREE days at the House on the Rock near Spring Green are Sunday and Monday, May 1st and 2nd for local residents. I believe most towns within a 40 mile radius are included but you may want to call ahead at (608) 935-3639 to make sure your town is on the list. At least one person in your group must show proof of residence.