January 16, 2016

A Lot To Do About Nothing

Guilty as charged.  I was a proponent of Wisconsin's new early trout season.  I believed the hype and romanticized about days past fishing with my dad during the frigid Wisconsin winters.

I believe I wanted this early season for the wrong reasons.  Iowa and Minnesota have different forms of early season and Wisconsin did not. This seemed unfair to me.  I was all in for the January season.

After the dew wore off the blossom it wasn't so alluring.  Memories of days past were brought to present days.  The frozen guides and deep snow of years gone by came back to me.  The thrill was already gone.

The old March opener even seemed more appealing.  But only a little bit.  I was very selective on the times and places I went out during that period also.

I wondered if it was because I was older now and have lost some of that drive the younger angler has?  I see none of the younger anglers out there either.

I sit here in my recliner and question if those good old days were truly that good.


January 15, 2016

Big Fish "Archives"

"Stippled Beauties: Seasons, Landscapes & Trout" Andrew Fowler South Africa

This is Andrew’s first book. It is a rich and colorful tapestry of images and stories collected over more than thirty years of flyfishing. The book is poetic and nostalgic in places, practical and technical in a few of the essays, and in general is a work of appreciation for the natural world through which the flyfisher moves.

 The book is a record of the sport of flyfishing in the KwaZulu-Natal midlands where Andrew lives from the late seventies through to the present day, and is a must have for collectors of South African flyfishing literature.

Details on how to buy Andrew's book are in the below link.

Andrew supplied me with a breathtaking slideshow of the streams he fishes and the residents of those streams.


Andrew_Fowler's Memories of rivers fished album on Photobucket

January 11, 2016

Knee Surgery

8:30am this morning. I was hooked up to an IV and blood pressure cuff with a pulse monitor and was ready to go in to have knee scoped. Surgeon came in and gave the run down of other possibilities.

 He said might have to do micro-fracture surgery while in there if damage was too severe and maybe some arthritic areas may be shaved or polished. He said it could be as simple as shaving a piece of meniscus off.

He had never told me about the bad possibilities before. I thought it would be a simple hour surgery and crutches for 4/5 weeks. I was looking at maybe the same route as I started with my left knee replacement. I had micro-fracture surgery on it first and it failed after 6 months on crutches and then had knee replaced.

I couldn't hide my freaked outness from the surgeon and my wife Barb because my pulse was on audible and it went from 72 beats a minute to 110 right after the news.

Barb came up to me and placed her hand on my shoulder and smiled and told me everything would be just fine. What happened next was amazing. From Barb putting her hand on my shoulder and smiling and reassuring me my audible heart rate slowed down immediately to 66 beats a minute.

 We all heard that and I smiled at Barb. It was kinda a wow moment.

Surgery was a success and no bad results and no micro-fracture surgery required..

I love you Barb.