December 17, 2016

Len's Secrets

If you have ever fished with me you have seen my casting.  My underhand jet cast and the overhead pin point.

Many wonder how I do it.  Well I hate to disappoint you but I have no superior casting ability.  The reason I can cast into structure accurately....The reason I can underhand a cast forcefully under low hanging branch has nothing to do with skill.

It is my rod.  I use a Fenwick 6'6" medium heavy rod.

This new season I have added Penn Battle II reels to my arsenal.  They will be spooled with 8 pound moss colored Power Pro.

With this line and rod I can actually even feel the size 9 panther martin spinner blade pause/stop before I feel the actual hit. I like this because I hardly ever have deep takes and mortality is reduced. My new type of reels were battle tested with pike last year and got excellent results.

My Shimano Stradics are at the the repair shop and will be relegated to back-up status.

You won't find me fishing any of those sissy lunker bunkers.  I target monsters.

With this rod with backbone and the non-stretch line I can get the big dog's head up before they can dive into structure like above and below.

There will be folks that scoff and call my rigs broomsticks and over kill but those folks are the guppy catchers and jealous ones.

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