November 23, 2016


This photo has a special place in my heart.  When I look at the fall setting my mind and heart begins to wander.  My thoughts travel to what if land and what will be land.

I stare at it intrigued and open eyed.  The setting feels like a portal to the future and the past.  The fog has Brigadoon like qualities.

The tree on the left with the branch a little different than the others is thought provoking.  Did the tree somehow get injured by lightning or another act of nature?  Will it bounce back and be healthy the next spring? Will the entire tree wither and die from the injury?

What you can't see is the tiny stream that runs at the foot of the hill.  You can step across it easily in most places.  I fished this stream right after I took the photo.  The fog was still surrounding me.

I fished the short stretch and went up and examined the tree as I was leaving.  It looked healthy all except the barren scarred branch. I was sad at first examining the tree.  I then looked at it in more of a personal nature.

One travels through life's journey and expects some detours and some dings and nicks. How boring would life be if it was sanitary and you were shielded from all bumps and bruises.  I am certain the tree will be just fine.

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