November 03, 2016

Invited To Go Deer Hunting By One Of Best Friends

I gave it up over a decade ago.  Initially I gave it up due to my family not liking to eat venison.

Later the door was shut tightly due to my knee and back problems.

I have come to terms with no more deer hunting.

He has been asking me to go again now for a couple years.

I almost bought a deer rifle last year.  I had one in my hands and liked the way it felt.  I added up the cost of the rifle and all the new gear I would have to buy and sat the rifle down and walked away.

He sent me these trail cam photos yesterday.

Thanks for the invite.  Nearly had me again.  Too costly.  Family won't eat it.  Knees and back won't tolerate it.


  1. Len if you ever want to go I'll gladly borrow you anything you need to go. Also as far a's meat goes you can always donate it to the homeless most butchers will collect them for the state

  2. Uh .. Len, I will be your surrogate shooter.. if you'd like. Eh?