November 06, 2016

Decades Ago

I had no brothers and my father had passed the year before and my mother thought an organization like the Cub Scouts would help with learning outdoor skills and how a young man was supposed to act.

You read all the names of the locals in the caption.  You see the cub scout leader's names.  The most important one's name was not typed in this caption properly.  She was with us 95 percent of the time. Her name was Marie Kuzniar.  She had help from many of the fathers from the troop.

 Seems ironic that a group that was to teach boys how to be men was led by a woman.  Marie was the best role model and leader a cub scout pack could have.  She was the leader of Pack 380.  Marie led us through weblos and handed us off to Carl Oppreicht as Boy Scouts.  I made it to Star Scout and then our troop was dissolved.

Every single boy in this photos owes a debt of gratitude to Marie.  She helped all of us to become good men.  She long ago left to be a den mother in heaven.  I was too little to realize how much effort she put into all of us boys to tell her Thank You.

Thank you Marie.

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