September 02, 2016

Seabow and Lenny

Back in 1958 my family moved to Gays Mills from Milwaukee.  My mother and father had two places to chose from.  My Dad's hometown or my Mother's.

Both places offered good fishing and hunting.  The decision was basically made for them when my Uncle Sig and my father Lenny went pheasant hunting in Bell Center.  My Dad was offered a job as a welder and steam fitter at Geno power plant by a guy they bumped into that was the supervisor there while they were hunting.

My Dad and my Uncle Sig "Seabow" could be seen fishing and hunting together for about a decade after. Both are no longer with us.

Both of them are hopefully fishing and hunting in the big woods in the sky.

I have heard many Lenny and Seabow stories through the years from my cousin Sig Jr. while we hunted.  It seemed fitting that the "juniors" made some fishing memories today.

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