August 13, 2016

Where Have They Gone?

Where have all the tales gone?

The art of spinning a yarn has become almost extinct. The stories and tall tales of my youth are not being passed on.  They are being replaced with video games and I Phones.

People that write stories these days are trying to impress you with their vocabulary.  Fishing and hunting stories have all turned into how to stories.  The imagination and beauty of the outdoors is lacking in stories these days.

The blind possibilities of what lies beneath the water on your next cast should be enough to spawn awe and make you smile. The outdoors needs you and you it.

It may only be this recliner growing to my behind or all this rain has stopped me from my next quest into the outdoors.  My imagination is tugging at me.  I have not written a good tale in quite some time.

 I have grown a little cynical as of late.  My laptop gives me joy most times but lately it is lacking.  The internet is a resource and it is being wasted on folks without the ability to dream and see the wonders of the world.  You look on Facebook and see all the people with agendas.  Politics and religion stifles your ability to be free thinkers and dreamers.

I sometimes wonder if folks actually like my stories on this blog or they only come here to prospect for information on big trout.  Maybe I will slip and give them a tidbit of information on my latest adventure and they can figure out where I am fishing.  They look at my pictures not with the intention of appreciating the beauty and serenity of nature but with the intent to identify where I caught my last large fish.

Do you see it in the fog way in the foreground?  It is staring you in the face.  It may not be too late for you.  Squint your eyes and move your head a little side to side.  Your next adventure awaits you.


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  1. Len, I always appreciate your stories!!!!! I hope to someday fish the Kickapoo again..