August 29, 2016

Trip Report Crawford County

Visited my mother this morning. I wanted to fish at the dam in Gays Mills but the water was too high and dirty.

  I complained to my mother and she put me on task to catch 2 pan fry sized browns. No pan sized browns caught.

I fished in shorts and a T-shirt.  Not my typical fishing gear. Landed five micros.  I wasn't fishing really hard this morning. I picked an open pasture with easy walking.

I fished just upstream of here.

In the last 80 yards of the stretch I had some amazing action.  I broke one of my cardinal rules.  I usually pick a potential spot to land a big fish before I cast.

 I was about 4 feet up a bank that had an incline when it hit.  The first thing it did was tail walk and I got a good look at a 22-23 inch male brown.  I got it under control then slowly worked my way down the bank and got my net in hand.  I must have relaxed pressure on it for an instant.  It felt it and another head shake and it was gone.  If I would have had someone with I would have a photo or 2 to share.

Fished out the stretch.  I had two other browns larger than the one I hooked up on follow and turn.

Waiting until wednesday or thursday and doing a rematch.  Won't be alone this time.

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  1. So frustrating to have a big trout on the line and lose it like that, all part of fishing though.