August 20, 2016

Seasons On The Stream

Wisconsin extended its season in 2016.  We can go out on the first Saturday in January trout fishing.  There was quite a battle about the changes in the season.  I romanticized about the old January season and was a proponent of the early start.

I think it was the pull or memories of days gone by that were the reasons for starting up early season again.  Many wanted to keep up with the Jones.  Iowa has a winter season and Minnesota has a limited winter season.

The March opener has plenty of cold and snow if that is what you seek.  The fishing is marginal at best in early March and those frigid days of January and February are not my cup of tea.

You can have those frozen guides and layers upon layers to keep warm.

Decent trout can be caught in frigid conditions but they are the exception not the rule.

The middle of March until the end of April is my favorite time to fish.  Zero skitoes and weeds to stumble in.  The fish are much more eager when the temps get close to 40.

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