August 31, 2016

Generic American Browns

The first introductions into the U.S. started in 1883.  Brown trout eggs from a Baron Lucius von Behr, president of the German Fishing Society were the first. The von Behr brown trout came from both mountain streams and large lakes in the Black Forest region of Germany Additional shipments of "von Behr" brown trout eggs arrived in 1884. In 1885,

Brown trout eggs from Loch Leven Scotland arrived shortly thereafter. These "Loch Leven" brown trout were distributed to the same hatcheries as the von Behr strain browns. Over the next few years, additional eggs from Scotland, England, and Germany were shipped to U.S. hatcheries.

Loch Leven browns are typically larger than von Behr strain browns.  The Loch Leven browns typically had only dark colored spots originally.  The von Behr trout or German brown strain has dark spots and red spots.

The two strains have intermingled through the decades so to say a trout was a Loch Leven or German Brow is impossible.  You could say that a trout has traits like their ancestors.  Fisheries folks these days call our brown trout generic American browns.

These two browns have traits of their ancestors.  The left male trout has classic Loch Leven traits and the trout on the right has classic German Brown traits.

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