July 26, 2016

Guest Post: Rob and David's Yellowstone Adventure

Thought you would enjoy this this adventure with my 28 yr. old youngest who hadn’t really fly fished much before. Maybe we get together this fall for some terrestrial fishing your way.
We caught the end of the stonefly hatch! Got up at 5:00 am to meet the guide at the trailhead by 6:30 am. Hiked 4 miles to the Black Canyon of the Yellowstone then fished from shore rocks to where very few people fish so the cutthroats were taking either a large stonefly (had to be there early as the hatch is only until 11:00 or so) on top or the small streamer below. In 3-1/2 hours we caught 31 fish between us, missed another 60-80 as these fish have rarely seen a fly. It was a blast.  

At one point David was hanging from a rock wall/ledge with one hand tossing his fly down with the other to the seam around the rocks. I even did some swinging in a deep hole with streamers and caught one after another. Most were 10-14” but David had a few larger and I got a bunch out of that hole 16”+ and one at 19”. Then we had a 5 mile hike up and out back to the trailhead. So it was an 8 hour trip with 4 hours of hiking and 4 hours fishing & lunch.

Now that David knew how to fish, we caught a bunch 14-16” in the evening on the Lamar after most people had left as we were staying near a really good spot/hole. Mostly on a caddis.

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