July 29, 2016

Fishin In The Rain With David Martell

was hard to find clean water...

first water a disappointment with Dave only catch a couple guppies.  I watched most and was skunked.

Moved on to another stream and our luck changed a little.

Another stream change and David landed a decent smallie and another brown.

My knees refused to go any longer.  I took David to the "Pool Of Immediate Gratification" and watched from a distance and watched him catch 10 browns in 13 casts.

It began to pour and we called it.

The half day David brought 19 to hand and I did lots of watching and caught 9.

biggest waterway in Richland County still has very high water temps.

While at park in Boaz a crazed German Shepherd off the leash was harassing us and acting like it was going tear my legs off.  Luckily the owner came and somewhat control the very aggressive full sized sheppard.

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