May 14, 2016

Take A Walk With Me

The earth has thawed and the first greenery is pushing through the browns on the forest floor reaching to the sun to throw off winter's snowy shackles.

Scarlet Elf Cups are popping out from the damp roots of long dormant tree roots.

The rain is a little cold but it doesn't matter.  At least it isn't snow!

Virginia Blue Bells and Wood Anemones carpet the floors of the hidden valleys and meadows.

Baby birds dream about their mother bringing them a long juicy night crawler.

A Fishing Spider prepares to dine on a question mark butterfly.

A Buck Fawn lays perfectly still like mother nature taught it when an intruder has found it.

I admire a flower on stream that I don't know what is and later identify it as the most deadly wildflower in Wisconsin.  Night Shade.

I slowly walk and breath in one of my favorite streams in the heart of Wisconsin's Driftless Area.

Blossoms of all kinds are exploding and delighting your senses.

The view in my rear view mirror on the way home.

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