May 11, 2016

It Is Time

 I am a big trout nut.

Big trout live off the beaten path.

The last couple years I have been having problems with my knees when the weeds get up and I can't see where I am stepping.  It makes for an unpleasant feeling when I fish. My left knee needed replacing from an old work injury and decades of stream pounding.

I found a hole last fall and an old barb wire fence in the same outing and that resulted in my good knee needing surgery and a suture in my thigh. I was alone and entangled in a fence with a gash in my shin and my other thigh throbbing and a knee swelling up as I lay there.  That knee never really came back to 100 percent. My back fusion is always in the back of my mind also.

I went out earlier this week and the weeds were up just enough to make my outing unpleasant again.  I was hesitant to step and only stepped in bare places I could see that was not a hole.

This actually backfired on me and I ended up in mud all the way up to my groin in this safe looking step.  I did not injure myself.  I had someone with me so that was not a problem but I did scare myself and place some serious doubt in my mind.

Maybe it is time to look for a different hobby while I can still walk.

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