April 26, 2016

TR Fishing With Andrew Nezworski

Andy is from Waukesha and a new friend I met from the internet.  He is good fly angler and we had a ball this morning in Richland County.

We fished a half a day and matched his best full day outing ever for numbers.  He landed 30 browns.  He had one hole that he had a 40 casts 40 bites run.  It was amazing.  I also cast in there and got four hits.  I picked up a dozen browns today also.

I watched most of the morning.  Andy wanted to continue to fish so I dropped him off at a seldom fished place upstream and he will be on stream until 5pm.

Was a little cold today but the cloud cover was perfect for fishing.  The water clarity was about perfect.

Andy used a variety of nymphs and buggers on his 5 weight rod.

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