April 13, 2016


Green Bay Packer Legend Bob Skoronski with a Crawford County tiger trout he caught on a crawler.  Tiger and brook trout no longer exist in this stream due to gill lice.

Larry Ladowski from Midwest Outdoors Television with his tiger from the same stream in Crawford County.

Just look at the new regulations in Crawford County and you can guess the stream.  The one you can no longer harvest brook trout in.  One of the RED streams.

I brought this gill lice problem to the WDNR's attention about 15 years ago and nothing was done.

Two years ago I contacted the WDNR Fish Health Division and they told me to harvest any brook trout of legal size with gill lice.  I told them that a stream with gill lice should be closed to brook trout harvest. The new regulation now mirror my concerns and recommendations.

 I guess me with zero fisheries training knew more than the WDNR.  It is quite obvious to me the WDNR is not the know all entity they try to make themselves out to be be.  You just need to look at the new trout regulations and it is obvious they don't have a clue.


  1. Geez Len, The WDNR must have gone to the same school as our Minnesota DNR. Amazing

  2. What are the rules regarding tigers? Strictly catch/release?