April 13, 2016

Get Its Head Up

Jeff Mills and I fished today.  I have a quirk when I trout fish with someone.  I am a little too intense.  I always tell anglers that fish with me to get the heads up of big trout when you get a hook up.  I always assess the area and look at possible landing spot.

Jeff had a hook up and the trout dove immediately.  The decent sized trout wrapped around the only root system near us.  Jeff tried every way he could think of to untangle the trout.  Jeff almost went swimming sitting on the root system and leaning over the water.  Jeff nearly netted the trout on three tries. The fish eventually broke off.

The rest of the outing went a lot easier.  I still relaxed in my outdoor recliner often and watched Jeff.

When I wasn't reclining I landed 15 browns.  I caught 2 littlest trout of the day.  The 3 inch and 6 incher were monstrous.

This wide bodied female put quite a bend on my rod.

Jeff landed 18 browns and caught the 2 biggest of the day.

None of the trout were measured but this one below was obviously big trout of the day.

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