April 21, 2016

A Flashback

 Fritz Durst and I were fishing the heart of the driftless about ten years ago. We were way back in the sticks on the head waters of one of my favorite streams. You could step over the stream in most places. 

 There was a large tree across the water. The stream could not go around it so it went under it. The force cut a nice deep belly under the log of about three feet. 

 Fritz and I talked over how to fish it downstream. Fritz decided he was was going to bounce his panther martin off the tree and let it drop directly into the deep belly under the tree. 

The cast was perfect and the water erupted instantly as the spinner hit the water. We talked strategy beforehand. If there was a big hook-up Fritz was to muscle the fish out from under the down tree into the shallows downstream.

 It was much bigger than we had thought. There it was in 12 inches of water thrashing and trying to get away I stormed up there and netted it.

 Fritz unhooked it and i readied the camera. Fritz made the comment he was going to mount it. I cautioned Fritz to hold the fish over the net for the Glory Shot in case it struggled so it could be guided back into the net. Of course the fish struggled and it missed the net and into the water it went and back under the tree to its water home.

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