March 11, 2016

TR The "Spillway" Tour

Hit water at 9:21am.  Outside temp was 56 degrees.  Southeasterly wind with a few gusts.  Water temp at first stop was 46 degrees.

Barb wire fences have been my Nemesis as of late.  I picked easy pastured areas.  The back doesn't like bending and fitting between strands much anymore and leg over fences is a disaster waiting to happen.

This spill produced 3 small browns below and 6 small browns above it.

A change of position brought another 11 small browns to hand. Water temp 48 degrees

8 small browns to hand here.  There were 3 or 4 trout following each cast for a while. Water temp was 50 degrees. Outside temp was 60 degrees.

I had another dozen at least momentary hook ups.

Easy walking means typically small fish.  Nothing worthy of a photo.

Lots of sitting and stretching was in order today. 

Got home at 2pm.

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