March 30, 2016

TR March 29 Richland County With Josh Hoff

We fished non-designated water in Richland county.  We are happy to report that this stretch had NO other human being tracks on it and has a thriving population of browns without the micromanagement of the WDNR.

I watched Josh most of the afternoon.  The crawl down the bank was still hard on my knees.  I timed my casts while Josh was already stream side unhooking a fish.  I sat on down trees often and watched Josh work his magic.  He is a very accurate caster.  I counted my casts for the day and there were 31 casts and I caught 7 browns. My biggest was around 16 inches.

I caught little trout of the day at 6 inches.  It was an unusual catch.  Right at shore a 23/24 inch brown stormed at my little 6 incher flailing in the shallows and turned off abruptly before it could envelop it and disappeared back in to the deep.

Josh landed big trout of the day at 17 or so inches.  The camera man was slacking and only got a blurry photo of it.

The rest of the outing was fish after fish.  Josh landed 41 browns.

The majority of the brown were in the 13-15 inch range.  Josh had a close to shore release of an 18-19 incher.

The water temps were in the high 40s and there were so many hatches it was fun to watch.  All Josh needed was a gold colored size 9 panther martin.

Most trout were caught in slower deep water between fast runs.

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