March 06, 2016

Chris Young's Trifecta

The phone rang this morning at 8am.  I knew it was Chris because we had talked in the last couple days.  He tried to get me to fish but my knees and back said "NO."

We talked about where he should go.

I gave him a couple tips and a specific tip.

The phone rang this evening and Chris told me thanks.

Later he sent me the photos.

First fish of the day.

First 20 plus incher of the day. {Specific tip}

Second 20 incher of day. {Specific Tip}

Both bows were powerful and did power runs and touched the sky.

Chris went to another stream and nailed the Driftless Trifecta

All caught on a spinning rod/reel on panther martins.

Chris from a Chicago suburb.

Chris fished in Richland and Crawford County.

1 comment:

  1. Awesome to get three different species of trout all in one day.