February 27, 2016


I am officially a dinosaur.  I was looking back at my photo galleries from 20 years ago and older.  I can remember trout from long ago and I can even remember what camera I took the photo with.
I remember this photo well.  I took it with my new fancy Polaroid camera.  The camera was cutting edge for the time.

My first trout trophy photo I took was with a Polaroid camera and then I evolved to a throw away camera.  Those were short lived.  Regular size film cameras were too big and clunky to use on the stream.

My first digital trophy camera was a Sony Floppy Disc camera.  Those 3.5 floppies were a pain to catalog and the camera was very slow.

 I have used a lot of smaller digital camera through the years.  Most would fit in my vest pocket.

I owned a DSLR with four different lenses for about two weeks before I sent it back.  It was way to clunky to use on stream and I was always terrified I would take it swimming.

My very first tiger trout I ever caught and I took the photo with a water proof throw away film camera.  I hated those.

I now have two cameras for on stream use.  My Canon is just small enough to fit in my vest pocket and used for scenery pictures.  It has a large lens and is a large megapixel camera.   My every day camera is a Olympus TG1 that is shock proof and water proof.

I was looking through my vest last year and my wife suggested I thin out what I carry in my vest due to my back problems.  Her first suggestion was to get rid of both of my cameras and get a good cellphone.  It served two purposes and was much smaller than 2 real cameras.

I told her no thanks.  I do carry an old flip phone with me that is turned off all the time.  It is an emergency device or as I like to call it:  "I have fallen and I can't get up phone."

I am not ready for an Iphone.  When I graduated from high school there were no computers.  There were no mindless drones staring at their cellphones and missing the beautiful outdoors.  I refuse to assimilate.

 Len "Dinosaur" Harris.

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