January 15, 2016

"Stippled Beauties: Seasons, Landscapes & Trout" Andrew Fowler South Africa

This is Andrew’s first book. It is a rich and colorful tapestry of images and stories collected over more than thirty years of flyfishing. The book is poetic and nostalgic in places, practical and technical in a few of the essays, and in general is a work of appreciation for the natural world through which the flyfisher moves.

 The book is a record of the sport of flyfishing in the KwaZulu-Natal midlands where Andrew lives from the late seventies through to the present day, and is a must have for collectors of South African flyfishing literature.

Details on how to buy Andrew's book are in the below link.

Andrew supplied me with a breathtaking slideshow of the streams he fishes and the residents of those streams.


Andrew_Fowler's Memories of rivers fished album on Photobucket

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